Hiking trails canencia

Canencia is a Spanish municipality and town in the north of the Community of Madrid, on the southern slope of the Sierra de Guadarrama. It has a population of 447 inhabitants.

Our Hiking Trails in Canencia.

  • From Canencia to Cascadas de Mojonavalle going up by Los Altares and Puerto de Canencia.
  • From Puerto de Canencia to Perdiguera Peak.
  • Puerto de Canencia to Prado del Toril.
  • Chorrera de Mojonavalle, Abeludar de Canencia.
  • Altos del Hontanar From Canencia.
  • Chorrera de Mojonavalle to Abedular de Canencia and coming back by Collado Cimero.
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Photos from our Past Hikes at Canencia