Horse Riding Madrid

Horse riding in Madrid

Our horseback riding events in Madrid are suitable for all levels.The groups are small, and the level of riding is suitable for everyone. we organize our horse riding events each month inside the most beautiful mountains of Cercedilla, Madrid.
Before the horse ride we do a medium level hike for reaching to the horse riding area, which is located in the middle of the mountains. We start the route from the town of Cercedilla. Total route is 8 km long. in the middle of hike we are takking a ride on horse for one hour (aprox) in the Mountains. we hike on feets for 3 hours also. Maximam altitude 1.378 m. Horse ride cost for one hour is 17€ and for organizing the hike and event we charge 8€ per person.

We are leaving madrid in the moring  at 10 AM and we are coming back to madrid around 5 PM, using madrid public transport. During all our events you can meet people from round the world.

You can join our any event at meetup. here is the link to our Profile:

Our horse riding Trail in Madrid